EV Urban Buses

Go Electric produce and supply electric buses; a smart, sustainable solution for New Zealand’s transport future. We utilise innovative technology, already in use across London and China, and combine this with local Kiwi bus building expertise to create our buses.

Go Electric buses are:
– Made from reliable and innovative technology, proven in overseas markets.
– Economically beneficial over time, offsetting initial capital costs with reduced maintenance and operating expenditure over their lifetime.
– Lightweight to meet regulatory requirements in New Zealand, and will be made lighter as we progress the technology.

Our powertrains of choice are conservatively designed and largely maintain the conventional urban bus design approach. We simply replace a diesel engine with an electric motor and a diesel fuel tank with batteries. The motors and control systems are derived from the well-established electric locomotive industry. In this way we keep costs down and reliability is improved.

Our first bus is under construction in Tauranga at Kiwi Bus Builders and will be available for trial in early 2018.